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Zimbra Enterprise Email

Next-Generation Messaging

Proxus Communications is proud to offer Zimbra as its messaging platform of choice. As a certified VAR and hosting partner, we provide full configured systems to meet your business needs. Zimbra provides the functionality you are looking for and even some you didn't know you wanted. Email, calendaring, and contact management all tied together are accessible through almost any web browser and even your wireless devices. Our focus on small business allows us to give you the personalized service you need during your migration to your next-generation of messaging.

"The Ajax web client is incredible. We don't bother with a fat client in Customer Support anymore."

Dave Jenkins, CTO Backcountry.com

Pricing for your hosted Zimbra Collaboration Suite: - Network Professional Edition:

Number of Users Monthly Cost (per user) in USD
3 - 25 Users $8.00
25 - 50 Users $7.50
50 - 100 Users $7.00
100+ Users Contact us
Dedicated Server Contact us
Mailbox Size 1000 MB
Account Setup Fee (one time) $49
Additional Services
Zimbra Mobile Wireless Access (Treo, Windows Mobile 5, Symbian OS) $2.00
Additional Storage (per 1000MB) $2.00
Advanced Anti-Virus/Spam Filtering - Powered by MXLogic
Enterprise Defense $1.50
Critical Defense $1.75
Ultimate Defense $2.25

End-User Benefits

  • Browser based client with search, shared calendar and mail that is integrated with contacts and calendar
  • Support for Outlook: calendar, mail, contacts and offline mode
  • Support for mobile devices: Blackberry (pop/imap), Treo and etc
  • Support of Windows, Apple and Linux computers

Freedom of Client Choice

  • Browser - Zimbra Ajax client
  • PC Client - Outlook (Online, Offline, Cached Mode), Apple Mail and iCal, Eudora, Evolution, Thunderbird/Sunbird, RSS, etc.
  • Mobile - Wireless devices "over the air" synchronization sans special client software: Blackberry, Palm, Nokia, Motorola, Good, PocketPC, etc. Now supporting push for Windows Mobile Devices and full calendar/contact/email sync for Windows Mobile 5, Palm Treo, and Symbian devices.

Self-Organizing Mailboxes

  • Powerful, fast search (including messages and attachments)
  • Saved searches across folders
  • Conversation views across folders
  • Filters

Comprehensive Calendaring

  • Group scheduling with free/busy management and controls
  • Multiple calendars per user
  • Calendar delegation and sharing
  • Multi-calendar views
  • Subscribe to external calendars in .ics format

Extensible model for linking message content to external web services and applications (expressible via hover-over and/or click)

  • Intranet - ERP, CRM, Support, Finance, HR, VoIP phone, etc.
  • Internet – Google/Yahoo Maps, Skype, Travel, Package Tracking, etc.

Efficient context switching

  • Quickly view/create calendar appointments while in mail
  • Quickly create/edit contacts while in mail
  • Quickly view sender’s website while in mail

Any Place, Any Machine

  • Rich, zero footprint, AJAX-based end-user interface (cross browser/OS)
  • Security sans VPN
  • Secure, read-only access to attachments without special-purpose client software

Modern collaboration styles/formats

  • RSS/ATOM feeds
  • Tags

For enquiries, please contact Victor Chong, Email: victor@proxus.com.my

Phone: (60) 12-2773430

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